What is the Jive Joint

The Jive Joint is art, entertainment, and an experience all wrapped up into one shared moment after moment. As an Art Installation​, it features a psychedelically, ramshackle, happy little cartoon house that transports festival goers into an alternate world. It is complete with a front yard and white picket fence. Interactive features include observer perpetuated, candid, entertainment.

As an Experience​, Super Tall Paul, and a cast of colorful characters invite festival goers to step into their alternate cartoon like world and party in their front yard for an entertainment experience like none other. They are masters of the ‘art of improv’ spontaneously crafting an audience directed theatrical “Kids” show for adults. They also utilize this skill to provide powerful workshops on dramatic self discovery and the power of comedy. Transformative, social building, self confidence enhancing exercises and theatrical games that are just as fun to watch as they are to play. Arts and crafts for the playful mind!!

As a Show​, host Super Tall Paul magically and musically creates the wacky, Vaudeville world of the Jive Joint where anything can happen. Bizarre and hilarious characters, dancing, unicycle, improvised songs, juggling, nose whistle, silly contests, huge balloons, magic, freestyle rapping, special guests, and on the spot musical looping inspire moments and memories to last a lifetime.

What do we Do?

The Jive Joint is a complete 360 experience that will keep you on your toes with live music, improv, and comedy that engages an audience in ways never thought possible. A collection of masters in improv comedy, musical talent, and digital wizards we create a space that people will never forget. While we may seem silly, there’s a special breed of genius delivered when musical looping, video camera production, talented acting combine to create a mini boutique experience not found anywhere else.