What is the Jive Joint

The Jive joint Is a place of all encompassing environmental entertainment. It features Live interactive art, improv workshops, improv theater, Live music, open mic’s, and variety shows. The Jive Joint is basically a mini boutique festival, perfect as an small event or as an area at a large festival. It has been featured as a monthly event in Los Angeles and as an area at the Coachella, Bonnaroo, Electric forest, Symbiosis Gatherings and Lightning In a Bottle Music festivals.

What do we Do?

The Jive Joint is a complete 360 experience that will keep you on your toes with Live music, improv, and comedy that engages your audience in ways never thought possible. A Collection of masters in improv comedy, Musical Talent, and digital wizards we create a space that people will never forget. While we may seem silly, we use musical looping, Video camera production, talented actors to create a mini boutique experience unlike anyone has ever seen. Whether it is a large festival or a small event we will take your space and Jive it into our joint right before your eyes.

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