Our Team

SuperTall Paul

SuperTall Paul Newman is a man that can be short-ly described as, 6’6”, Wild hair, Wacky Outfits, and Physical comedy………. Super-ly, He can be described by what he literally brings to the stage by fulfilling these roles: Musician…Beatbox, Looping, Ukulele, Flute, Sax, Nose Whistle, Voice, ElectroSax, Drum Machine MC/Host/Improvisor…. Great Audience rapport utilizing skills learned from Spontaneous Theater and Street Performance Clown ……… Unicycle, Juggling, Face Balancing, Dancing Heely’s Magician. Audience participated comedy magic!! Complet-ly is the guarantee that something Funny, Unexpected, and Amazing will happen! SuperTall Paul Newman magically juggles multiple acts and talents into one of the most unique shows you will ever see!


The son of a Bostonian Navy sailor graced with a dry sense of humor and a soulful Scottish mother with the ability to impersonate everyone under the sun, Ross Steeves began his life with an eclectic jumpstart in Guam, that often-forgotten and yet always memorable American territory in the South Pacific. Shortly thereafter, the family moved to Scotland where Ross and his two sisters wandered along the shores of Holy Loch until being transplanted at the age of ten to exotic Virginia Beach. When his interest in play, stunt fighting and performance exceeded his desire to succeed in Catholic school, Ross found himself in a more rough and tumble public school environment and discovered the profound power of humor as means of survival and success. With the influence of his comically-inclined older sisters and two parents who wanted him to pursue whatever made him most happy, Ross found himself delving deeper into the world of performance as a possible life path. Ross honed his acting skills in high school theater and his mad dance skills at family weddings and dabbled in the cosmic play opportunities that presented themselves.

Rachel Newman

Rachel Newman aka “Ray Ray Sunshine” is not only a talented improviser, singer and dancer but also in charge of ensuring The Jive Joint is fully staffed, even going so far as to create two lovely human beings from scratch with her husband Super Tall Paul! With her background in the theatrical arts, she enjoys contributing to the writing and directing aspects of the show. Her license as a Marriage and Family Therapist has come in handy wrangling the psychosis of three comedians and ensuring that no federal or local indecency laws are being broken on stage.

Ashley Bowers

Ashley Bowers is an artist of many mediums. She graduated from California State University Long Beach in 2009 with a BFA in figurative drawing and painting, but has done everything from painting, to sculpture, to costume design. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles as an artist, a live painter, and a fashion model. She also works frequently in commercial art department. When it comes to her painting, her style and inspiration is constantly evolving. Being a woman of multiple races, and an interesting life’s history, has inspired her to explore the identity of not only herself, but all women. In an effort to combine her passions for art and fashion, she follows trends, popular patterns and colors in her work.


Sethward has always been different, a fact that was punctuated in elementary school with his anatomically accurate depiction of the virgin birth during his church’s Christmas play. Ever since that day Seth has developed an insatiable appetite for shocking audiences with his unique blend of characters and physical comedy. Eventually he realized that Texas could no longer sustain his addiction to the stage, he packed up his props and moved to Los Angeles. He now satisfies his need for attention by melting clown-improv-sketch-character-shock-absurdist humor into what he calls a performance (usually including some deviant pratfall). He is an obvious fit at the Jive Joint where he currently lives in a room upstairs due to the cheap rent. Upon discovering the internet, he joined a “support group” for similarly minded outcasts called “Wet The Hippo.” He can be seen on his website – youtube.com where his videos acquire over a million views a month. More info on Sethward!

Austin Horton

Mercurial, intellectual, visceral….these are all adjectives. This chiseled new member of the jive joint brings a distinctly different and refreshing brand of shorn facial hair to the heavily mustachioed ensemble. When he’s not touring with his wildly successful rock band “Shock and Austin” or running his own boutique vintage store, “Austin found” Austin can be found making dreams come true performing on stage with the jive joint at some of the country’s most prestigious festivals and vegan restaurants. winning pun contests is kinda his thing but so is winning in general. As the World Humility champion for the last ten years and counting, Austin knows how to accept praise and accolades with out it going to his head while selflessly contributing comedic gold, all for your enjoyment. Sascha Baron Cohen has said this about his flawless character work…”who the hell is Austin Horton, how did you get in here, call the police!!!”

Peter James Stratte Jr.

Pete on the street got his name because that’s where we found him, on the street. Peter tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, mainly due to a congenital malformation called Ectopia Cordis which caused his heart to form on his left elbow. Pete was the Founder of the first dramatic improv troop in history, “Out, out damn spot” Pete found his funny bone in adulthood after being selected for a top secret military experiment which trained operatives to stun and incapacitate with only the power of their voice. After spending most of the 90s stuck in a fitness montage, Pete eventually decided to use his powers for good. When not wooing tall European women, he can be found working on his pun business “Nestles Quip” and rocking the hearts and minds of eager audiences. Aside from the occasional on stage flashback you could never tell this furry joy of a man was a heartless killing machine. look for him and his ever changing facial hair as well as his lethal sense of humor at the next Jive Joint show.

Robin Banks

Owner of Art Customs, a design and CNC and fabrication studio in Los Angeles, California. An LA Native and Insulation Artist for the Movie Business. Teamed up with the Jive Joint to create an interactive space on wheels that can be moved as a mobile venue. The installation gets style cues from the deep south and the painted houses of New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition, to the look Robin will be playing ukelele bass with Super Tall Paul.

The Audience

The audience is just a part of every show as the cast itself, there are many examples of the audience entertaining itself throughout a typical show. Third walls are not only broken, they are given googly eyes, become a character, go to the hospital, have surgery, get fixed and immediately join us back at the Jive Joint show. Didn’t follow that last analogy? What’s the Metta with you? Come take a family photo with us ya dingus!